How does Aid4Mail 5 detect duplicates?

To determine if two emails are identical, Aid4Mail 5 compares characteristics of their headers. The exact method used depends on the Generate hash value from option, under the Session section of the Options screen.

·If Generate hash value from is set to Original SMTP header then the headers of both emails must match in their entirety for them to be considered duplicates.

·If Generate hash value from is set to Message-ID header field, only the Message-ID fields need to match for the emails to qualify as duplicates. In cases where the Message-ID is empty or missing, as is often the case in outbound messages, Aid4Mail compares the FromDate and Subject header fields instead.

By default, Aid4Mail only identifies duplicates that are in the same source folder. However you can widen the scope to detect duplicates wherever they are located. This is done through Duplicates detection scope in the Filter section of the Options screen.

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